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Stories about Clay, Pattern and Decoration, from the Kikuchi Collection
28 July - 4 November,2018

Focusing on ceramic patterns and decorations, in the current exhibition, we have selected approximately sixty works from the Kikuchi Collection which demonstrate characteristic patterns or decorative techniques.

  It is well-known that the term “jomon,” literally meaning “cord-mark,” in Jomon pottery, the oldest earthenware in Japan, derives from the cord-marking applied with a twisted string to decorate the pottery. From such examples dating back to prehistoric times to the present day, efforts to decorate a blank area on an object by covering it with a pattern could be considered an instinctive desire of the human being. Particularly in craftwork, patterns and decorations have proved a significant factor that deepens and extends the world each work represents.

  Turning our eyes to ceramics, which play the leading role in this exhibition, patterns not only decorate the surface but develop three-dimensionally in parallel with the form.
 Moreover, together with the materials, i.e. the clay or glaze, and the texture and color brought out through the firing, these factors influence one another, providing the work with intricate expressions. The techniques employed to apply decoration are closely related to the ornamental effect in appearance. Ranging from intuitive methods leaving direct traces of the decoration applied by hand to painting requiring advanced skills, a variety of means are devised according to each work. The question of the motif itself, that is to say, what sort of a pattern should be applied, is also an issue that each one of the artists is required to consider nowadays. Despite the vastness of the theme of “pattern and decoration,” we can only cover a certain extent in this exhibition. However, through the display, we hope you will be able to enjoy the stories about clay, pattern and decoration each one of the works unfolds.

General Information of this exhibiton

Period 28 July - 4 November,2018
Closed ClosedMondays (except Sep 17,24 and Oct 8), Sep 18,25 and Oct25
Hours 11:00~18:00  (Last entry 30 minutes before closing)
Admission Adults 1000yen
University students 800yen
High school,Junior high school and elementary school student 500yen

※Preschool children : Free
Organizer Kikuchi Foundation, NIKKEI, Inc.

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